2 Layer PCB Board Manufacturing With Turnkey PCBA Service And Green SolderMask Color

Place of Origin China
Brand Name KAIJIN
Certification ISO9001, CE, ROHS
Model Number PCBA & PCB
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Standard Package
Delivery Time Negotiable
Payment Terms TT LC Western Union Cash
Supply Ability 100000 piece per week

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Product Details
Layer 2 CopperThickness 1oz
SurfaceFinish HASL,HASL Lead Free,Immersion Gold,etc. Type PCB Board Manufacturing
SilkScreenColor White PCBA QC X-ray,AOI Test,Functional Test
Our Service PCB,Turnkey PCBA,PCB Clone,housing PCB QC Flying Probe Test,E-test

Turnkey PCBA Service PCB Board Manufacturing


Green SolderMask Color PCB Board Manufacturing


2 Layer PCB Board Manufacturing

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Product Description

Product Description:

Our PCB Board Manufacturing product stands at the forefront of the electronics manufacturing industry, offering unparalleled quality and reliability for a wide range of applications. With meticulous attention to detail, this product encompasses a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern electronic devices. The product’s attributes cater to a diverse clientele, including but not limited to PCB, PCBA, FPC, HDI, and RFPC suppliers, ensuring that no matter the complexity or requirements of your project, our PCB Board Manufacturing service can deliver the results you need.

At the heart of our product's quality control measures, we employ advanced PCB QC techniques such as the Flying Probe Test and E-test. These state-of-the-art testing methods provide fast and accurate testing of the PCBs without the need for expensive fixtures or test frames. The Flying Probe Test uses moving test probes to electrically test the printed circuit board for shorts, opens, resistance, capacitance, and other basic quantities, ensuring functionality and reliability. Meanwhile, the E-test, or Electrical Test, is a highly efficient process to check for potential open and short circuit issues, securing the integrity of every circuit before proceeding to the next phase of production.

Understanding the importance of safe delivery and storage, our PCBs are meticulously packed using a Vacuum Package method. This advanced packaging technique involves removing air from the package before sealing it, thereby reducing atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components. It provides a robust barrier against external elements during transportation and storage, ensuring that each board arrives in pristine condition, ready for immediate use.

The aesthetic and functional aspects of our PCBs are enhanced with the application of a high-quality solder mask, which is available in a standard Green color. The solder mask serves as a protective layer over the copper traces of the PCB, which helps to prevent accidental contact with other metal, solder, or conductive bits. This can significantly reduce the risk of short-circuiting and can help to ensure that the PCB performs reliably over time. Additionally, the green color of the solder mask provides a contrast against the silvery solder and the golden copper, aiding in visual inspection during assembly and servicing.

Our PCBs are constructed on a robust Base Material, providing a strong foundation for the assembly and longevity of the product. The choice of base material affects the thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties of the finished PCB, which is why we use only high-quality materials to ensure performance and durability. This base material is vital for the structural integrity of the PCB, enabling it to withstand the stresses of assembly and the operational environment.

Emphasizing versatility and innovation, our product portfolio caters to a variety of Flex PCB applications. Flex PCB, or Flexible Printed Circuit Boards, are a modern solution for electronic devices where space is at a premium or flexibility is required. Our manufacturing process is adept at producing Flex PCBs with precision, catering to the need for high-quality, flexible, and lightweight electronic circuits. The Flex PCB is an essential component in modern electronics, allowing for more compact and versatile designs.

In conclusion, our PCB Board Manufacturing product is an all-encompassing solution for clients demanding excellence in every aspect of their printed circuit boards. From sophisticated quality control tests to secure vacuum packaging, from the industry-standard green solder mask to a strong base material foundation, and catering to the needs of every supplier type including Flex PCB applications – we have meticulously crafted a product that is synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the world of electronics manufacturing.

2 Layer PCB Board Manufacturing With Turnkey PCBA Service And Green SolderMask Color 0


  • Product Name: PCB Board Manufacturing
  • Supplier Type: PCB, PCBA, FPC, HDI, RFPC
  • Our service: PCB, Turnkey PCBA, PCB Clone, housing
  • Package: Vacuum Package
  • Solder Mask Color: Green
  • PCBA QC: X-ray, AOI Test, Functional Test
  • Specializing in HDI PCB manufacturing
  • Advanced 5G PCB production capabilities
  • Expertise in 5G PCB design and assembly

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Silk Screen Color White
Copper Thickness 1oz
PCB QC Flying Probe Test, E-test
Material FR-4, Alu, RoHS, Rogers
Type PCB Board Manufacturing
Our Service PCB, Turnkey PCBA, PCB Clone, Housing
Base Material Yes
Package Vacuum Package
PCBA QC X-ray, AOI Test, Functional Test
Solder Mask Color Green


The KAIJIN brand, synonymous with precision and reliability, offers its exceptional PCBA & PCB product, tailored for an extensive range of applications and scenarios. Originating from China, KAIJIN's PCBs are engineered with adherence to the highest standards, as is evident from their ISO9001, CE, and ROHS certifications. These boards serve as the backbone for numerous electronic applications, ranging from simple gadgets to complex industrial systems.

Each KAIJIN PCB and PCBA model is crafted with meticulous care, ensuring that even the most demanding prototype PCB board requirements are met with unmatched quality. The company's commitment to excellence is further highlighted by the stringent PCB QC measures such as the Flying Probe Test and E-test, which guarantee that every board functions flawlessly right out of the vacuum package in which they are securely delivered.

KAIJIN's Prototype PCB service is particularly noteworthy. It is the ideal solution for businesses and innovators who require a small quantity of PCBs to test and validate their designs before mass production. The agility of KAIJIN's manufacturing process allows for a minimum order quantity of just one, with a price that is negotiable based on the project's specifics. This flexibility extends to the delivery time and payment terms, which include options like TT, LC, Western Union, and Cash, facilitating a seamless transaction tailored to the client's convenience.

Not limited to prototypes, KAIJIN also excels in full-scale production runs, with a formidable supply ability of 100000 pieces per week. Their PCBs are crafted from high-quality materials including FR-4, Alu, and Rogers, all compliant with RoHS standards. The rigid PCB prototypes and other PCB variants from KAIJIN are integral to electronics in various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, telecommunications, and consumer electronics, where performance and reliability are non-negotiable.

KAIJIN's packaging details ensure the safe transit of the PCBs. The standard package, often a vacuum package, is meticulously designed to protect the delicate circuits during shipping. Clients can rest assured that the PCBs will arrive in pristine condition, ready for immediate use. With a base material that reinforces the durability and efficacy of the PCBs, KAIJIN stands as a beacon of quality in the PCB manufacturing industry.

In conclusion, whether you are developing a cutting-edge prototype or ready for high-volume production, KAIJIN's PCBA & PCB products are the go-to choice. Their unparalleled prototype service, including the rigid PCB prototype, ensures that every innovation is built on a solid foundation. KAIJIN is not just a manufacturer but a reliable partner in the electronics sector, propelling your projects to success with their exceptional PCB solutions.



Brand Name: KAIJIN

Model Number: PCBA & PCB

Place of Origin: China

Certification: ISO9001, CE, ROHS

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Standard Package

Delivery Time: Negotiable

Payment Terms: TT, LC, Western Union, Cash

Supply Ability: 100000 pieces per week

PCBA QC: X-ray, AOI Test, Functional Test

Base Material: Yes

Type: PCB Board Manufacturing

Our service: PCB, Turnkey PCBA, PCB Clone, housing

SolderMaskColor: Green

Whether it's a Prototype PCB Board, a PCB Prototype, or a large-scale production, KAIJIN offers comprehensive PCB Board Manufacturing services to meet the diverse needs of the electronics industry.


Support and Services:

Our Product Technical Support and Services for PCB Board Manufacturing offer comprehensive assistance to ensure the optimal functioning of your printed circuit boards. Our dedicated team of experts provides support for various issues, including manufacturing defects, component selection, layout design, and general troubleshooting. To maintain the high quality and reliability of your PCBs, we also offer services such as design review, signal integrity analysis, and thermal simulation. Please note that our support services do not include direct contact information, but we ensure prompt and effective assistance through our designated channels.


Packing and Shipping:

Our PCB Board Manufacturing products are meticulously packaged to ensure their safe delivery. Each PCB board is encased in a static-protective bag, which guards against electrostatic discharge that can damage the electronic components. For additional protection, boards are sandwiched between foam pads to prevent any bending or physical damage during transit.

The packaged boards are then placed into sturdy, industry-standard cardboard boxes which are sealed with reinforced packing tape. These boxes are then labeled with the appropriate handling instructions and any necessary warning labels to ensure they are treated with care by shipping carriers.

Before shipping, each package is weighed and measured to calculate the optimal shipping method. We work with a range of carriers to provide you with the best possible shipping rates and delivery times. A tracking number is provided with every shipment, allowing you to monitor your package's progress until it arrives safely at your destination.



Q1:Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
KaiJin are a manufacturer specializing in PCB & PCBA and Car Led Headlights Bulbs manufacturing with 20 years experience.

- PCB Design
- PCB Fabrication
- PCB Assembly
- Led Headlight Bulb
- H series headlight bulb
- D series headlight bulb
- LED Car Interior Light

Q2:How long will it take to execute my order ?
In stock:3-5working days, out of stock big quantity:15-35working days.

Q3:Do you provide samples ?
Yes.we can provide samples.

Q4:What the warranty term for your products?
2 years warranty, problem with the product, we will replace it.

Q5:What if there is a defective product?
If any damage happens not caused by misure or vandalism,then we'll send you a new one.

Q6. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.