FR-4 Base Material Prototype PCB Board For Your Business Needs

Place of Origin China
Brand Name KAIJIN
Certification ISO9001, CE, ROHS
Model Number PCBA & PCB
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Standard Package
Delivery Time Negotiable
Payment Terms TT LC Western Union Cash
Supply Ability 100000 piece per week

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Product Details
SurfaceFinish HASL,HASL Lead Free,Immersion Gold,etc. PCB QC Flying Probe Test,E-test
Package Vacuum Package PCBA QC X-ray,AOI Test,Functional Test
SolderMaskColor Green CopperThickness 1oz
Layer 2 Base Material Yes

2 Layer Prototype PCB Board


FR-4 Base Material PCB Board

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Product Description

Product Description:

Our Custom PCB Board Manufacturing product stands as a testament to the high-quality standards and technical excellence that our clients have come to expect. We specialize in providing a comprehensive array of PCB solutions including PCB, PCBA, FPC, HDI, and RFPC. Our materials range from the standard FR-4, known for its thermal endurance and electrical insulation properties, to advanced materials such as Aluminum (Alu) for better heat dissipation, RoHS-compliant substances for environmentally-friendly products, and Rogers materials for high-frequency applications. These material options ensure that our PCBs meet the diverse requirements of various applications, from simple gadgets to complex industrial systems.

As a top-tier supplier in the PCB industry, we deliver more than just circuit boards; we offer full-scale PCBA Assembly services. Our PCBA quality control is unmatched, utilizing state-of-the-art X-ray inspection, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Tests, and Functional Tests to ensure that every board is free from defects and meets the functional specifications of our clients. This rigorous quality assurance process guarantees that our PCBAs perform reliably in the field, reducing the risk of costly downtime or failures.

Our packaging is designed with the utmost care to ensure that your products arrive in pristine condition. We use Vacuum Package solutions to protect sensitive components from static, dust, moisture, and handling damages. This packaging method is not only effective in safeguarding the components during transport but also ensures the integrity of the boards until they are ready for use.

Our service repertoire extends beyond mere PCB Board Manufacturing. We offer full Turnkey PCBA services, which means our clients can rely on us to manage the entire process from sourcing components to final assembly. Clients looking for replicability and consistency in their projects can take advantage of our PCB Clone service, ensuring that their successful designs can be reproduced to exact standards. Furthermore, we cater to the needs of customers looking for housing solutions, ensuring that their PCBs are well-protected and integrated into their final product enclosures with precision.

Our commitment to customization sets us apart in the industry. Our Custom PCB services are tailored to meet the unique demands of each project, whether it involves creating a PCB design from scratch or modifying an existing design to improve performance or reduce costs. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and deliver solutions that are not only technically sound but also cost-effective and timely.

The versatility of our offerings is complemented by our expertise in various PCB types such as multilayer, rigid, flexible (FPC), high-density interconnect (HDI), and radio frequency printed circuit boards (RFPC). These options provide our clients with the flexibility to choose the right type of PCB for their specific application, whether it's for consumer electronics, aerospace, medical devices, or telecommunications.

In summary, our Custom PCB Board Manufacturing product is a comprehensive solution that encompasses high-quality materials, superior assembly processes, reliable quality control, secure packaging, and an array of services designed to meet the full spectrum of our clients' PCB needs. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that we remain a trusted partner for businesses looking for top-tier PCB solutions.

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  • Product Name: PCB Board Manufacturing
  • Package: Vacuum Package
  • Copper Thickness: 1oz
  • Layer: 2
  • PCBA QC: X-ray, AOI Test, Functional Test
  • Surface Finish: HASL, HASL Lead Free, Immersion Gold, etc.
  • Keywords: PCBA Assembly, 5G PCB, HDI PCB

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Description
Package Vacuum Package
PCBA QC X-ray, AOI Test, Functional Test
Surface Finish HASL, HASL Lead Free, Immersion Gold, etc.
Our Service PCB, Turnkey PCBA, PCB Clone, Housing
PCB QC Flying Probe Test, E-test
Solder Mask Color Green
Supplier Type PCB, PCBA, FPC, HDI, RFPC
Copper Thickness 1oz
Layer 2
Material FR-4, Alu, RoHS, Rogers


The KAIJIN brand stands at the forefront of PCB Board Manufacturing, offering the high-quality Model Number: PCBA & PCB, which is crafted with precision and care in China. This product is the epitome of technological advancement, suitable for a wide range of applications and scenarios. Adhering to the highest standards, it holds certifications such as ISO9001, CE, and ROHS, symbolizing its reliability and superior quality.

With a minimum order quantity of just one, the KAIJIN PCB Board is accessible to both small-scale projects and large industrial needs. The price of these boards is negotiable, ensuring that the cost aligns with the project requirements and budget constraints. Each PCB is meticulously packaged in a Standard Package, ensuring it reaches the customer in immaculate condition. The delivery time for these boards is also negotiable, providing flexibility to meet the urgent demands of customers. Furthermore, KAIJIN offers a variety of payment terms, including TT, LC, Western Union, and Cash, accommodating a broad spectrum of payment preferences.

The KAIJIN PCB Board boasts a supply ability of an impressive 100000 pieces per week, indicating the brand's capacity to fulfill bulk orders with consistency and speed. The solderMaskColor is standard Green, which is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for inspecting the board quality. Additionally, the silkScreenColor is White, providing a clear contrast for labeling and identification of components on the board.

The copperThickness of the boards is 1oz, which assures a good balance between cost and conductivity, making it suitable for a variety of electronic applications. The KAIJIN PCB Boards come with an array of surface finishes, such as HASL, HASL Lead Free, Immersion Gold, etc., catering to different industry requirements and enhancing the durability and solderability of the boards.

Quality control is paramount in the manufacturing process, and KAIJIN employs rigorous testing methods such as X-ray, AOI Test, and Functional Test to ensure that every PCBA Assembly meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. Whether for Prototype PCB Board projects or full-scale production, KAIJIN's commitment to excellence is evident in every board it produces.

In conclusion, KAIJIN's PCB and PCBA solutions are ideal for a multitude of occasions and scenarios, from rapid prototyping to mass production. Their flexible manufacturing capabilities and stringent quality control measures make them a preferred choice for industries looking to leverage the best in PCB Board Manufacturing and PCBA Assembly.



Brand Name: KAIJIN

Model Number: PCBA & PCB

Place of Origin: China

Certification: ISO9001, CE, ROHS

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Standard Package

Delivery Time: Negotiable

Payment Terms: TT, LC, Western Union, Cash

Supply Ability: 100000 piece per week

Our Service: PCB, Turnkey PCBA, PCB Clone, housing

Type: PCB Board Manufacturing

Solder Mask Color: Green

Base Material: Yes

PCB QC: Flying Probe Test, E-test

Our KAIJIN PCB Board Manufacturing services cater to a wide range of product attributes including HDI PCB, Rigid PCB Prototype, and PCB Prototype to meet your specific project requirements.


Support and Services:

Our Product Technical Support and Services for PCB Board Manufacturing are designed to provide comprehensive assistance throughout the product lifecycle. We offer expert support to help resolve any technical issues you may encounter with your PCB boards. Our services include:

- Design Review: Our technical team will review your PCB design files to ensure they meet all manufacturability and quality standards before production commences.

- Manufacturing Support: We provide guidance on material selection, surface finish, and other manufacturing processes to optimize the performance and reliability of your PCBs.

- Assembly Assistance: If you require help with the assembly of your PCBs, our skilled technicians can offer advice on best practices, soldering techniques, and component placement.

- Troubleshooting: In case of any performance issues, our team is available to help you diagnose and solve problems with your PCBs. We can assist with electrical testing, failure analysis, and rework strategies.

- Documentation: We supply all necessary documentation, including manufacturing reports, test results, and quality certificates, to ensure full traceability and compliance with industry standards.

- Updates and Upgrades: Our support extends to providing information on the latest technologies and processes that can be implemented to enhance your PCBs, keeping you ahead in the market.

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our PCB Board Manufacturing services by delivering exceptional technical support and customer service.


Packing and Shipping:

Our PCB Board Manufacturing products are meticulously packaged to ensure their safe arrival at your location. Each board is individually wrapped in anti-static material, which guards against electrostatic discharge that could damage the sensitive electronic components. For additional protection, the wrapped boards are placed within sturdy, cushioned boxes that prevent movement and absorb any shocks incurred during transportation.

The boxes are then sealed and labeled with the necessary handling instructions and any other pertinent information required for shipping. To address environmental concerns, we use recyclable or biodegradable materials wherever possible, without compromising the safety of the product.

Prior to dispatch, we conduct a final quality check to confirm that each package contains the correct quantity and type of PCB boards as per the order specifications. Our shipping department works with reliable courier services to offer a range of delivery options, including standard and expedited shipping, to meet your time-sensitive needs. Tracking information is provided for each shipment, allowing you to monitor your package's progress until it reaches your doorstep.

We take great pride in the quality of our products and the efficiency of our packaging and shipping processes. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless experience from order to delivery, ensuring that your PCB boards arrive in perfect condition, ready for use in your projects and applications.



Q1:Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
KaiJin are a manufacturer specializing in PCB & PCBA and Car Led Headlights Bulbs manufacturing with 20 years experience.

- PCB Design
- PCB Fabrication
- PCB Assembly
- Led Headlight Bulb
- H series headlight bulb
- D series headlight bulb
- LED Car Interior Light

Q2:How long will it take to execute my order ?
In stock:3-5working days, out of stock big quantity:15-35working days.

Q3:Do you provide samples ?
Yes.we can provide samples.

Q4:What the warranty term for your products?
2 years warranty, problem with the product, we will replace it.

Q5:What if there is a defective product?
If any damage happens not caused by misure or vandalism,then we'll send you a new one.

Q6. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.