Custom Prototype 2 Layer PCB Board Design With Min Hole Size 0.2mm

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Product Details
ImpedanceControl Yes CopperThickness 1oz
Silkscreen White Layer 2
BoardThickness 1.6mm SolderMask Green
MinHoleSize 0.2mm MinTraceWidth 0.2mm

Custom 2 Layer PCB Board


Prototype 2 Layer PCB Board


Custom 2 Layer PCB Design

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Product Description
Custom 2-Layer PCB Board with Min Hole Size 0.2mm and Green Solder Mask

Product Description:

PCB Prototype is a comprehensive service for prototype pc boards with flexible pcb prototype and pcb board making, which offers a rapid prototyping service with minimum space of 0.2mm, delivery time of 3-5 days, and high-quality assurance with flying probe test and E-test. With HASL surface finish and 1oz copper thickness, we provide reliable and cost-effective pcb prototype service.



  • Product Name: PCB Prototype
  • SolderMask: Green
  • MinAnnularRing: 0.1mm
  • Layer: 2
  • Silkscreen: White
  • PCB QC: Flying Probe Test, E-test
  • Prototype PC Boards
  • Flex PCB Prototype
  • Flexible PCB Prototype
  • PC Board Prototype

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Value
Board Thickness 1.6mm
Copper Thickness 1oz
Min Space 0.2mm
Min Annular Ring 0.1mm
PCB QC Flying Probe Test,E-test
Min Trace Width 0.2mm
Surface Finish HASL
Material FR4
PCBA QC X-ray,AOI Test,Functional Test
Min HoleSize 0.2mm
Product Type 4 layer PCB Prototype, FR4 double sided PCB, Flexible PCB Prototype, PCB Prototype Assembly


PCB Prototype is an ideal solution for both small and large enterprises, providing low cost pcb prototype for rapid prototyping and prototype pc boards for quick iterations. It offers top quality and cost-effective processes, such as Flying Probe Test, E-test, impedance control, 2 layer, white silkscreen and 1oz copper thickness, to ensure the high standard of PCB design.

This product is suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial automation, consumer electronics, automotive, medical and aerospace. It also enables fast prototyping for new products and quick prototype pc boards for small-scale production.

PCB Prototype is a great choice for those who need reliable and low cost pcb prototype. It provides fast and accurate fabrication at an optimal cost for a wide range of PCB designs.



Our PCB Prototype services include PCBA QC with X-ray, AOI Test, Functional Test; surfaceFinish with HASL; impedanceControl with Yes; and minTraceWidth with 0.2mm. We also provide PCB QC services with Flying Probe Test, E-test. We specialize in prototype pc boards, pcb board making, fr4 double sided pcb, and pcb design services.


Support and Services:

PCB Prototype technical support and service includes:

  • Design and engineering services
  • Consultation and recommendations
  • Technical support by phone and email
  • On-site visits and remote assistance
  • Software and hardware maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Upgrades and enhancements
  • Replacement parts and components
  • Installation and setup assistance

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for PCB Prototype:

The PCB Prototype will be packaged in an ESD-safe bag and then placed in a static-shielded box. All packages will be shipped with a tracking number, and packages will be insured for any losses or damages.



Q&A about PCB Prototype

Q1: What is PCB Prototype?

A1: PCB Prototype is a kind of printed circuit board that is used to test the design and functionality of a new product.

Q2: What are the advantages of using a PCB Prototype?

A2: By using a PCB Prototype, it enables the user to test the design and functionality of a new product before it is produced in large quantities. This helps to reduce costs and time associated with production.

Q3: What materials are used in PCB Prototype?

A3: The materials used in PCB Prototype typically include copper, solder mask, and a protective finish.

Q4: How does a PCB Prototype work?

A4: A PCB Prototype works by connecting electrical components, such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors, to a printed circuit board. This enables the product to be tested for functionality and performance.

Q5: How long does it take to fabricate a PCB Prototype?

A5: The time it takes to fabricate a PCB Prototype typically depends on the complexity of the design, but it can range from a few days to a couple of weeks.